Benefits of Audio Video Transcription Services

Technology has made its way into the medical industry and is benefitting the health industry by providing productivity boosting transcription solutions. Audio video transcription services transcribe audio and video files into a highly accurate form of text and provide health professionals with the hands-on experience of completing their work on time. Audio, video transcription services benefits doctors, clinicians and physicians by saving their time, energy and most of all money.

Role of A Transcriber

A transcriber basically writes down the things the next person is saying. Transcribers, with the help of tech tools, download the audio, video file either received through email or shared through DropBox then uploads the file to their certified software and start typing what they hear from the audio file.

Time to transcribe Audio, Video Files

An expert transcriptionist usually types 75 words in a minute. Which indicates that it would take 4 to 5 hours to transcribe 1 hour recorded audio, video file. Mentioned below are some more factors that may leave an impact on transcription services. These factors include:

  • The pace at which the participant in the audio, video is talking
  • The total number of members talking/ cross-talking
  • Transparency and clarity level of recording (distortion and interference issues)
  • Transparency and clarity level of participants speaking (accent issue, mumbling restraints)

Workflow of Audio Video Transcription Services

Upload: Audio, video files are directly uploaded into the transcription software.

Transcribe: Software is used to transcribe the audio file.

Edit: Necessary editions are made in the transcribed transcription.

Export: The transcribed written file is exported back to health practitioners.

Audio Video Transcription Services Types:

Audio, video transcription services types are divided into 3 models.

     1)First Draft Transcription Services

First draft is one of the most reasonable transcription service models allowing clinics and medical organizations with low budgets to get their work done by saving time and cost of transcription service. First draft transcription services are most of the times 90 to 95% accurate but does not allow clinicians to edit the transcript.

     2)Standard Transcription Services

Standard service provides 99% accuracy with the benefit of editing the transcript. Standard services are one of the most used services as it allows medical professionals to edit the record of their patient when and where needed.

     3)Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription service ignores all the stutters and non-verbal utterances in the audio, video file and provides 100% accurate results.

Audio video transcription services

Top 3 Reasons to Transcribe your Audio and Video

  1. Cost and Turnaround Time

The turnaround time usually depends upon the length of the file. Human-based services might take time to process but automatic services process the audio and video file within minutes. This, in turn, reduces the cost to be charged for per minute transcription services.

  1. Quality and Accuracy

High quality and accurate results are generated from audio and video files if the recording is made without any disruption and interruption. Audio and video editing software is available that produce better quality results as compared to the recordings made on phones.

  1. Edit and Revise

Audio and video transcription service benefits medical professionals so they can edit and revise the content in the transcription whenever needed. Editing software is available today in the tech market that allows user to make changes and export the final document in order to maintain accurate transcription service.

Cost for Audio Video Transcription Service

Cost for audio video transcription services and industry standards vary from $1 to $1.50 per minute. Standard turnaround time consists of 3 to 5 working days, others charge according to 2 to 3 business working days while very few have 24 hour turnaround time for audio and video transcription. Agencies are charging $.75 per minute for 48 hours turnaround time, $1.25 per minute for24 hours turnaround time and $1.50 for same day service provision.

Noise in background, distortion, light accents, time stamps will cause an extra charge of $.10 to $.25 per minute. And verbatim transcribed file charge $.25 to $.30 per minute.

Factors affecting Transcription Rates

Length of Recording: Most of the professional transcription services have a defined set of rules and requirements about the length of audio or video to be transcribed. It always takes more than hour to transcribe a one hour audio. It takes 3 hours to transcribe a one hour audio and the hourly rate averages out to $27.

Quality of Audio: It is always vital to have a high quality audio file with the speakers voice distinctive and easy to hear in order to fully comprehend the speaker’s directions for audio to text accuracy. Low quality video and audio content requires extra time and effort hence increased rates are charged for transcription.

Audio video transcription services

Rush Hours: When a transcribed file is needed on urgent basis the cost for completing the transcription process will also increase. Every agency has standard transcription charges but workload and staffing level often impacts the turnaround time than average.

Number of Speakers: Transcription service agencies charge an additional amount of money when there are more than 2 or 3 speakers in the file.