Evolving Roles of Outsourced Medical Transcription Service Companies

Medical transcription service companies have specialized transcriptionists who transcribe audios and written dictation into a medical report that is then used to maintain the patient’s health story and medical record. Medical transcription services makes the charting process easier, it increases the accuracy rate of transcription and enables companies to quickly process insurance claims. Transcription companies provide scalable options with customized solutions helping medical practitioners to tie their unstructured notes into medical reports.

Every medical transcription company has integrated their system with EHR. These EHR systems known as Electronic Health records have built-in dictation storage which can be adapted by many models including in-house or outsourcing.

Outsourcing of medical transcription helps companies to get error free medical transcription, medical reports being finalized by trained and experienced medical practitioners, quick delivery of service, reports being drafted by quality analysts, content writers and editors, offer HIPPA compliant transcriptions at reasonable cost with continuous support.

Types of Outsourcing Transcription Services

Outsourcing transcriptions service is an affordable substitute for hospitals, medical offices and clinics. Outsourcing is providing administration solutions and cutting in-house transcription expenses.

Backup Outsourcing:

Backup outsourcing provides services for maintenance support, system breakdown and unexpected increase in transcriptions.

Partial Outsourcing:

Partial outsourcing reduces the stress of a huge workflow that is relying on single staff member. This outsourcing model gives help to the companies who want to share the workflow of transcribing and dictation.

Complete Outsourcing:

This end-to-end service model covers complete access to transcription services by maintaining full control on information. This outsourcing model is also known as remote data processing provision.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Companies

Significant benefits attained by outsourcing medical transcription include:

  • Decrease in cost and amount of administrative tasks
  • Enhanced focus on business core activities
  • No need to pay fringe benefits to in-house staff
  • No need to invest in tech products or software
  • Downtime and operational costs reduced to minimum
  • Assured HIPPA compliant medical services

Evolving Roles of Outsourced Medical Transcription Companies


Technology has leveraged every industry in earth to get fruitful results from its wings. Modern recorders, digital machines and medical transcription software are helping medical transcription service companies to provide quality, swift and accessible transcription services. The software has grammar and spell checking tools, abbreviation expanders, quality checks handling of multiple medical files, invoices and billing management.

Digital Data Recorders

One of the most widely used tool for outsourcing medical transcription is digital data recorders. These digital recorders allow you to record patient’s data, information and instructions provided by medical professionals. The files based on provided information and instructions are stored in the form of digital files which then can be used for transcription.

Speech Recognition Transcription

Outsourcing companies with the help of speech recognition software are providing more advanced and error free transcription results. This software has built-in functionalities and automatic features with different databases and templates of medical terminologies.

Enhanced Performance

Outsourced transcription companies provide 99% quality and error free results on every work they submit. Transcription companies have specialized medical professionals who provide accurate services and their commitment to provide quality is double fold.

Many companies in USA work on turnaround time of less than 24 hours and benefit from swiftly accessible reports. The team of qualified transcriptionists works on latest medical process and terminologies to keep up with the pace of technology and competition. Transcription companies also conduct HIPPA compliant trainings at regular intervals to maintain security and confidentiality of their client’s work.

Qualified Transcription Team

Outsourced medical transcription team includes:

  • Quality associates
  • Account manager of client
  • Transcriptionists
  • Editors, proofreaders

Transcription companies have trained and specialized personnel who go through a training process in order to cover all specialist areas before their initiation. Transcription companies allot transcriptionist to every single client according his requirement and always make sure that client feels easy with the transcriptionist and transcriptionist is easy with accent of client.

Digitized Workflow

Transcription companies follow a five step process cycle to properly manage their outsourcing flow.

#1: Medical dictations are received from client server which are assigned by account/ client manager which are then sent back to the transcriptionist.

#2: Medical transcriptionist listens to the audio/ video files and writes the dictation of prescribed files. The prescribed files are further sent forward for proofreading.

#3: Proofreader makes the necessary editions in the prescribed note and forwards the note to quality assurance team. Quality team then sends back the note to transcriptionist for review, modifications and corrections.

#4: The quality team actually works on errors and quality checks by sampling randomly. They then send their feedback to transcriptionists and proofreaders.

#5: All the completed transcripts are sent back to client/account manager. The account manager gives a final review and sends the transcript back to the client.