Essentials of Joint Transcript Service Request

JST is a digital transcription service for eligible soldiers that are available to them on official joint service transcript request. The joint services transcript describes your military schooling and works history in civilian terms. These military transcriptions combine military education, job experience and college credit recommendations compliant by American Council on Education. The joint service transcription is needed when your military experience has to be converted into civilian college credit. These transcriptions serve as official documents and as evidence from the professional military colleges about training and occupation experience achieved by services members and veterans. These official transcripts requests contain the following information:

•    The current enlisted rank
•    Inactive or active military status
•    Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) and Skill Qualification Identifiers (SQI)
•    Military course completions
•    Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and Military occupational experience
•    Test score and credit recommendations

Joint service transcription requests

Eligibility for a joint Service Transcript Request

All enlisted officers both active and veterans from all army components, coast guard, marine corps and navy. Joint service transcript receives its data from underlying Army, coast guard, Marine Corps, and navy personnel systems.  Air force officers need to attend a Community College of the Air Force to receive their military transcripts.

Incentives of Joint Service TranscriptRequest

  • Joint service transcription requests the official license to receive credit for military experience. It reduces tuition expenses and helps to complete your degree program quickly.
  • The JST is generated online by transcription companies which is directly sent to designated academic institute since institutes don’t accept transcripts directly from the service members.
  • The online transcription services save time, transport money, and provide secure and authentic military information for your future credits.
  • You can click on the online links provided to by transcript companies to view, print or save your unofficial transcripts.
  • You can have the unlimited amount of joint service transcripts requests as they are totally free of cost and easy to fetch in 24 hours delivery time.
  • Allows academic counselors a better understanding of a military member’s skills. Gives potential employers a chance to see the real-world value of your experience.
  • The transcription companies provide the legal and authentic piece of military record which can be further used for legal hearings, transactions, insurance policies, case management reports, medical consultant reports and to get governmental or civilian allowances.
  • The joint service transcription is assured with quality, effectiveness, reliability and confidentiality.Security and surveillance, satisfy user experience with quick turnaround time.

Accuracy and Effectiveness

The transcriptionist is proficient and diligent with the manufacturing and maintenance of sensitive records. They review, remove errors, and ensure accurate medical and military abbreviations are used for transcripts. These transcripts go under the regulatory process of revision and editing to assure the accuracy of military transcription before sending to academic institutions.

Detect Fraud

The companies offering joint services transcripts ensure the safety of the record of military personnel to save it from fraud, theft, and manipulation. That’s the reason the military transcripts are directly sent to institutes. So, nobody can take illegal benefits from the fake transcripts.