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As the New Year approaches, have you been thinking about ways to cut costs? Are you up to your neck in current filing in your EMR? Get the most of your investment in an EMR and optimize your eFiling practices.

SmartDoc, Inc. has a solution for you. By remotely accessing your medical record via a HIPAA compliant secure VPN, we can access all of your incoming information your practice receives throughout the day. Our trained medical record technicians then dissect the information and appropriately file it within your EMR allowing your practice to focus on more patient-oriented activities. Also our service is completely customizable to fit the specific needs of your practice. Our team of medical record filing experts will match your organization’s naming and routing standards.

Why is outsourcing your eFiling better than traditional medical record filing? You will eliminate training expenses. There will be no more costly training and re-training staff on records flow. Additionally, we organize and continuously file throughout the day, so you are no longer scrambling for records that you need at your fingertips. Our service improves your customer service by allowing you to redistribute the practice workload so that the office can concentrate on more patient-focused activities. We are cost effective. You only pay us when you have filing and you do not have to pay us for time off, holidays, and employee benefits. Our rates are very reasonable.   Our eFiling is 100% customizable for your practice!

Whether you are a small practice or a very large practice, whether you are thinking about cutting costs or you are just up to your neck in filing, we want to speak with your today!   SmartDoc has been incorporated since 1997 working with a variety of medical professionals.   We want to help you find a solution today! Call us at 1 (888) 762-7736 and let’s work together to cut costs, allow you to concentrate on more patient-focused activities, and provide trained qualified eFilers!

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