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Medical transcription is an essential element of patient health care. Without accurate medical documentation, it is impossible to provide high-quality health care, bill insurance services, support and protect the confidential information of patients.

Medical transcription known as Healthcare Documentation involves the process of audio recorded data by doctors to be transcribed in HIPAA approved and documented under the ethics of medical transcribing methods.

The medical transcription companies in Florida employ the innovative digital methods to provide well-structured electronic medical records to ensure the accurate and detailed transcriptions. These medical transcriptions not only remains in the possession of doctor but also can be utilized in medical research. The medical transcription services include the basic six, radiology, pathology reports and medical office chart notes.

medical transcription companies in Florida

The Medical Transcription Reports

1.History and Physical Examination Reports

The history of physical examination report transcribe about the chronological detail of patient’s treatment. It is two section report which includes chief complaint and present problem with the complete detail of symptoms, the history of illness, past medical and surgical history, family history and social history.

2.Radiology and Imaging Reports

Radiology and imaging report carry the interpretations of the radiologist after examining the patient’s  X-ray images. These reports are dictated in the present tense. The transcribers are ordered to deliver these transcriptions within 24 hours’ time.

3.Operative Reports

The operative reports transcribe the chronicle detail of the surgical procedure performed in a surgical center, clinic or in hospital. This surgical procedure involves preoperative, postoperative diagnosis, and specimen removed during the operation.

4.Pathology Reports

A Pathology report carries the entire surgical procedure and test reports performed on organs, lesions, tissue samples etc. It transcribesdetails of the testsdone on specimen before surgery. These reports are sensitive and needed in a short time. The transcribing companies deliver pathology reports within 24 hours.

5.Discharge Summaries

The discharge summaries cover up the complete detail of patent admission in hospital, description of admission, diagnosis statement, follow-up instructions, discharge and medication, the prognosis of recovery, and condition at discharge.

6.Autopsy Reports

Autopsy reports determine the cause of death and confirm the disease caused death. The transcribing method for autopsy reports requires certain method as they are demanded by law authority in case of suspicion of the crime. Transcribing of an autopsy report require more abbreviation and with brief detail so these are accurate and clearly understood in the courtroom.

medical transcription companies in Florida

Medical Incentives Offered by Medical Transcription Companies

1)Innovative in Medical Technology

The broad spectrum of digital innovations transform the health records with a more authentic source of medical information. The medical guidelines, educational information, and practice charts can boost the efficacy of health records. As it can help health experts in analyzing the test reports and transcriptions.

The medical technological innovations have added more value to the authenticity, quality, and speed of retrieval of medical records through wireless and mobile technologies. The several other medical transcription tools have improved the health carestandard in hospitals information systems and online health record systems.

To make medical practices speedy and easily accessible as mobile app transcriptions services improve workflow, financial performances, and healthcare. These apps are developed to transfer automated audio files with EHR/EMR compatibility along with online and offline mode, secured E-Signature, online monitoring, and customized templates.

2)High-Quality Medical Transcriptions

The medical transcription companies possess well-vetted transcriptionists, editors, reviewers, and coders to maintain the high medical standards for EMR and EHR medical transcriptions. They offer reliable sources of medical technology to collect quality data from various authentic sources such as inpatient care, outpatient care and rural and urban medical care standards. CPOE takes care of errors, illegible medications, lab tests, and ancillary services to improve the standards of medical transcriptions.

The several other medical transcription servicessuch as electronic scheduling, electronic claims submission, eligibility verification, automated drug recall message, automated identification of patients improve the quality of medical transcriptions.

3)Endorse Accuracy

The transcriber is technologically more aware of medical jargon, terminologies, document structuring, grammar, and punctuation. Medical transcriber translates transcriptions more consistently and accurately by using medical terms and manual transcriptions. Medical transcriptional ensures the quality, accuracy of the medical reports. Medical transcription editor further removes errors and ensure the accurate medical abbreviations are used in transcription.

They should accurately use medical jargon and specific phrasing associated with medical transcriptions.

The exact phrasing and proper categorization make them quickly searchable. The health expert can easily locate the patient’s information and reports with exact doctor’s dictation and custom formatting.

  • Use of alphanumeric computer key entries for identification
  • Use of an electronic writing device
  • Use of biometric system

4)Ensured Security Mechanism

The electronic medical record is more sensitive entity involving the fear of theft and manipulation of data. The latest medical technology is more concerned about the secured data transfer portals, high-end encryption technology, and data security management.

5)Structured Electronic Medical Record

The electronic medical record offers the proper catalog, the chronicle, and categorization of medical reports for an easy and quick search. It takes less space on computer hard disk and involves no transportation cost as they are transferred digitally. Hence, medical technology has made the storage of health record easier, faster and cheaper.

6)Cost Effective

The medical transcription companies transfer digital and electronic transcriptions. Which can be printed, faxed and electronically transferred to patients and doctors in a few hours.

These services are cost-effective because it free-up physicians, doctors, and staff and improves insurance billing. The best medical transcription both secures the patient and doctor with accurate and high-quality oriented charts.

  • Digital Transcribing
  • Customer care and support
  • Customized transcriptions, templates, and letterhead
  • Digital file upload through secure portals
  • Document management system
  • Telephone dictation
  • Auto fax

It minimizes the extra cost of insurance billing, medical billing, and the transfer cost. It saves the cost of medical transcription training, bureau of labor statistics, the labor required for the maintenance of the hospital, clinic medical records.

7)Secure Billing Services

Medical transcription companies in Florida offer the best expertise in medical billing and coding services. They ensure all quality checks at multiple levels to ensure accuracy of data. The well-vetted coders are proficient to ensure an accurate entry of patient demographics, CPT & ICD codes along with modifiers, number of units, and date of service.Daily Census Updates

  • Prior Authorization Document Management
  • Refills Management
  • AR Follow-Up
  • Payment Posting
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Compliant Processes
  • 24*7 Availability
  • Secure File Transfer

Medical transcription is the implementation and integration of computer technology into the patient-doctor interface. It is in the continuous mode of evolving and securing the confidential health records more efficiently. The technological inventions bring more ease, efficiency, and effectiveness to medical health record.