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SmartDoc understands the importance of documents leaving a facility in perfect condition. We offer:

24-hour turnaround policy
Easy to use software
24/7 access to online storage
HIPAA-compliant security
Easy tracking of documents at every stage
Highly skilled staff of medical transcriptionists
Option to dictate with a toll-free phone number or digital recorder
Reasonable pricing

Proofreading/Editing Services

With technology changing rapidly, many medical facilities have replaced traditional medical transcription with voice recognition software. Although these programs have become quite sophisticated, editing of these records by a trained eye is still an imperative part of the process.

Since 1997, SmartDoc has had a highly skilled staff of medical editors that can ensure your documentation is 100% accurate. Give us a call today at 1-888-762-7836 to speak with one of our highly trained professionals!

EMR Assistance

Are you up to your neck in current filing in your EMR? SmartDoc, Inc. has a solution for you. Using a HIPAA compliant secure VPN, we can access all of the incoming information your practice receives throughout the day. Our trained medical record technicians dissect the information and appropriately file it within your EMR, allowing your practice to focus on more patient-oriented activities. Plus, our eFiling is 100% customizable for your practice!

SmartDoc has been incorporated since 1997 working with a variety of medical professionals. Call us at 1-888-762-7836 and let’s work together to cut costs, provide trained and qualified eFilers and allow you to focus on what’s most important — your patients!

Insurance Services

We provide transcription, data entry and word processing services to Public Adjusters and Private Investigators as well as life, health and auto insurance companies. SmartDoc transcribes:

Recorded interviews
Medical consultant reports
General correspondence
Case management reports
Claim statements or
Fraud investigation reports

Our highly skilled team can help you with all your transcription needs. Call us today at 1-888-762-7836.

We offer services for legal transcription and general transcription as well!

Since 1997, SmartDoc has been helping our clients with all of their transcription needs. Whether you are a medical professional, legal professional, or business professional, call us today at 1-888-762-7836. Let us help you get your documents out the door at affordable prices with a skilled team of transcriptionists.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare at SmartDoc provide basic care to elderly and disabled people in the comfort of their own homes.

Sometimes it is hard to find a suitable nursing facility for your loved one. Many people wish to continue living at home. Having a home health care aide means your loved ones can stay at home without worrying whether they will have the level of care they need.

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